Empathic Balance:

Do you sense feelings, distress and recognize the mental state of others? Do you find it overwhelming to be amongst large crowds of people? Do strangers tell you their life story?  Empathic balance, helps clear your aura from the energy of others that you have picked up in your everyday life, energy that leaves you feeling depressed,drained and even emotional, it will help bring peace, joy and harmony back in balance. Empathic balance  brings the infusion scents of bergamot, frankincense and uplifting grapefruit to clear your path.

Empathic Balance

  • Step 1: Shake bottle 

    Step 2: Close eyes and gently spray potion above eye level and away from the face 2-3 times and let the pure essence sprinkle on your Aura.

    Step 3: Relax and enjoy the feeling of your spirits being lifted and the love filling your heart.

    Step 4: Repeat if necessary

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